Jesteśmy para instruktorów o doświadczeniu nurkowym gromadzonym przez 20 (Jeff) i 10 (Gosia) lat. Połączyla nas pasja do nurkowania  jak rownież dezaprobata do skomercjalizowanego świata szkolenia nurków na ilość a nie jakość. Nasze duo wypracowało własną filozofie uczenia, z którą chętnie dzielimy się z tymi wszystkimi, którzy są otwarci na poznawanie  i doświadczanie nowego. I tak stworzyliśmy Tulum Scuba Diving. Korzystamy z uprzejmości bazy nurkowej Robbiego Schmittnera, posiadamy jednak swoje butle, sprzęt i materiały szkoleniowe. Nasi klienci, nurkowie to przyjaźnie na długie lata. Wiekszość powraca, poleca i przede wszystkim komplementuje wysoki profesionalizm i wyjatkowość naszych szkoleń i nurkowań. Jak dotąd 100 % pozytywnych opini na tripadvisor, choć to nie zawsze jest najlepszy miernik jakości.

  • gosia pytel

    She is tiny in size, slightly bigger than her sets of doubles but has a strong character and steel nerves. Most importantly she has got an unspoilt passion for diving cause she never needed to work in the mass dive industry. A great talent when it comes to sharing her knowledge and experience with those with an open mind and desire to learn. Unique patience and approach, very successful with those who were afraid of diving at the first glance. Originates from Poland, graduated as a lawyer and photographer, spent the last few years on the coast of the Red Sea, Pacific and Caribbean simply just diving. Tulum and its caves seems to be the ultimate destination. She believes that diving especially cave diving builds a strong spirit, self-confidence and a sense of peace. It is for people who want to know their ability and expand those limits. She is a Padi Master Scuba Diver Trainer also instructor of several diving specialities, EFR instructor, care for children w/aed instructor, cave and cavern guide. She teaches in English, Polish and Spanish.
  • jeff clark

    Jeff Clark originally from Texas, moved to Mexico in 1997 and has been living and diving in Tulum ever since. Inspired by Jim Coke became the youngest cave diver in the age of 17th, got certified through NACD by the amazing person and cave explorer Garry Walten. Throughout this time he has continually taught recreational and technical diving to students from all over the world. His true passion is cave diving and teaching students how to safely cave dive with respect to cave environment. When he is not teaching, he is exploring and mapping local cave systems as well as promoting their conservation. Involved in numerous archeological and geohydrological projects. Support of National Geographic Expedition Society and one of the best safety diver in cave world. Jeff is a PADI instructor and IANTD technical cave instructor, cave and cavern guide. He is fluent in English and Spanish.