tankha I and tankha II (coquitos): 30-50 ft. the best spot in tulum for coral and fish. numerous swim throughs and pinnacles are typical for this dive site. in the sandy areas you can encounter southern stingraysand in coral holes many caribbean lobsters and crabs. There is abundance of corals and with a bit of luck, a nurse shark or turtle.

la piscina: 45ft. this dive site is an easy and enjoyable spot with all kinds of coral, such as black coral, brain coral, fire coral and it’s just in front of the tulum ruins, which is nice to see from a different angle. many familiar tropical fish, turtles, barracuda, angelfish and rays can be found in between these dense coral formations. It’s a very good training spot.

ballena: 40ft. this site has a characteristic rock that almost reaches the surface so when the waves come, it looks like a big splash made by whale’s tale – in spanish: ballena. interesting coral formations resemble points like the fingers on your hand. you can see lots of tropical reef fish, shellfish and lobsters.