This year we have exceed 1400 km of cave. For updates and news please visit caves.org

I am sure everyone who reads this page is aware of the underwater cave connection between Sistema Sac Actun and Sistema Dos Ojos that happened in January 2018. The first connection between the two caves was made through a dry cave drip line survey between Pet Cemetery and Don’s $100 Cenote. The most recent connection made by the Gran Aguifer Maya team involves an underwater cave connection. A cave diver can pass from the Dos Ojos area to any Sac Actun cenote in the cave system.

Sistema Sac Actun moves ahead of the long-reigning Sistema Ox Bel Ha as the world’s longest underwater cave. Sistema Sac Actun remains as Mexico’s longest cave, and is also the second longest cave in the world. I congratulate all the GAM, Vanilla Sky, PET, MCEP, SAET, QDT, DRSS, dry cavers, science  project divers and contributing researchers in this endeavor to understand the cave. We hope to hear more about future Ox Bel Ha explorations. The work there is not done by any means. What was accomplished by the Ox Bel Ha Project explorers since the early 1990’s is very impressive.

You will also see some significant changes on the dry cave and sumps page. There has been considerable effort put into these dry and sump explorations.

29 March 2018 – Tulum Scuba become a  QRSS map distribution directors. We also continue a tradition of providing knotted line for local cave explorers.

We lost a long-time explorer and valuable mentor to local cave divers in November 2017. Bil Phillips and Speleotech maintained a strong presence within the myriad of today’s Quintana Roo cave diving facilities. As a seasoned educator when discussing cave diving philosophies and procedures, Bil voiced a strong and committed voice for proper cave diving education and cave conservation. Perhaps this is why Bil was a such a steady supporter of the QRSS philosophy and organization. Bil was a QRSS Director for over 15 years. He always found time to deliver maps, discuss his caving and survey philosophy, and then find the time to support upcoming cave divers, survey projects, and diverse science projects. Bil’s long exploration record speaks to his commitment to these fragile caves. My guess is that most anyone reading this web page would know Bil personally. The Quintana Roo caves will miss a true educator, explorer, and cartographer who gave something back to the caves he loved.

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