Puerto Morelos

the gardens: 45ft. this dive site name speaks for itself. you will swim through beautiful, colorful coral gardens, one of the best preserved in this reef system which belongs to the national marine park. also coral reef fish adaptations can be admired here in the variety of brilliant and sometimes bizarre color patterns that adorn them.

puentes: 60 ft. this dive site is a part of the protected national marine park, preserving its rich biodiversity. the park was establish in 1998 and has some unique natural bridges covered with soft corals, swim throughs and larger fish. this area of the reef has a wide variety of fish such as grouper, barracuda, sergeant majors, trumpetfish as well as spotted eagle rays. the coral is joined together in most of the area and is one of the most beautiful marine landscape that can bee seen in puerto morelos. because of the way the coral is developed here you will see many schools of fish that consist of up to 50 or more, also single stalking barracudas and lots of morays.

the mineshipwreck juan escutia c-56: 90ft. one of the best dives in the area is the shipwreck juan escutia c-56. this ship was an admirable-class minesweeper built for the usa navy during wwII. this 120 foot navy ship was sunk on purpose for divers in the year 2000. most divers find wrecked ships irresistible because they’re intriguing to explore, exciting avenues of discovery and usually teeming with aquatic life.
around the shipwreck you can see large barracudas, different schools of fish, sting rays and spotted eagle rays. many large swim-throughs allow you to explore without needing wreck certification.

for advanced divers we offer the padi wreck diver courses with some limited penetration. this teaches you the ins and outs of rewarding, responsible wreck diving. more information about this program is on our courses page.