essentials diver

this course can be taken by almost any certified open water diver who is at least 15 years of age.

if you are a recreational diver hoping to broaden your horizons into technical diving or you are already a technical diver who would like to refine your skill level, you will find this course extremely beneficial. you just need good buoyancy control and an open mind to start.

this is also your first and most important course on the road to becoming a technical diver. the name ‘essentials’ is speaking for itself .the course focuses on the use of dual tanks, self rescue and team communication. It also refines buoyancy control and body position well beyond the recreational level. you will learn new kicking techniques that complete free up hands.  it’s a must do for any person interested in becoming a technical diver. 

yes, it is quite a challenging course, because we stress not only being able to do a skill or objective but to be able to do it well. this is a water oriented course with more focus on diving skills than theoretical information.

the essentials course can be taken as a standalone course or combined with other technical and/or overhead environment courses.