deep air

this course can be taken by an advanced open water diver and eanx diver with a minimum of 30 logged dives who is at least 15 years of age. 

in order to understand the basic principles of deeper diving and to function safely in the underwater environment, the diver must be familiar with certain aspects of physics that deal with pressure and gases. this course teaches these principles. in the classroom you will learn to use more precise dive planning which emphasises proper gas/air usage, dive time and depth limits to stay safe at more extreme depths, but still in the recreational level (130 feet/40 meters). though we will have no mandatory decompression, it does have longer safety stops to practice the buoyancy, body position, communication and awareness needed for decompression and more serious diving. In a controlled water environment, we will expose you to higher stress to make the training more realistic just to make sure you understand the crucial time limit and problem solving.

mostly it is combined with the advanced nitrox course, but can be taught alone. if you have not completed the essentials (or equivalent) course yet they can be done at the same time.