cavern diver

To enroll into this course you need to be an advanced open water diver with at least 10 logged dives and be at least 15 years of age. the course is designed to teach the very basics of overhead environment to a diver who would like to stay within the recreational zone, also using basic diving equipment with several modifications.

In the classroom you will get some information about various different types of caves to give you an insight into the diverse cave environments around the world.  after that we adapt what equipment you have to use in the cavern environment.  this will be done by making your equipment as simple as possible and then adding things like longer second stage hoses, lights, reels and a few other necessary things to give you the tools you need for safe diving in environments where just going up is simply not an option.

On land we will practice the use of reel and the basics of guide lines.  also, we will practice team communication and emergency procedures.

In open water we practice different fining techniques, use of reels and once again emergency procedures. at the same time you will be improving buoyancy and body position. all of the skills in this course will improve your all around diving skills.

During at least four cavern dives you will not only see the stunning light effect, geological formations, and fossils in this breathtaking environment, but you take all the skills learned in open water and apply it in the cavern environment. at this point you will already feel a lot of personal satisfaction and certainly you’re going to be proud of your improvement and self-development. most of our students continue the education into the intro to cave course.