basic/intro to cave

you need to have cavern and essentials certification with at least 25 logged dives and be at least 15 years of age to start this course.  this will be one of yours most challenging courses. it will take you beyond the recreational boundaries into an environment which is both incredibility beautiful and (if done incorrectly) very dangerous.

you begin in the classroom with lectures on environment, dive technique, stress management, and communication in darkness.  as this course is taught with banded and manifold dual tanks we have an equipment workshop to make sure your equipment is working and appropriate for the cave environment.  it is always better for you to do any technical or overhead environment course in your own equipment however, we have equipment for you to use if needed.

on land you will learn proper techniques for entering and exiting the cave environment.  this will be done with and without visibility and considering virtually all problems that could arise.

in open water you will be introduced to new skills that will change the way you look at diving in general. you will not just need to be able to do the skills, but do them well and with good buoyancy and body position at all times.  all very challenging.

You will then do at least 8 cave dives. During these dives your limits will be pushed in general dive skill, emergency procedures, stress management and problem solving.  In the end you will come out a much better diver both in caves and in the open water.