advanced nitrox

this course is designed to extend the diver’s knowledge of eanx use as both bottom gas and decompression.  it teaches divers (as decompression gas) to use gasses over 40% O2, allowing for a shorter decompression load.   giving the acknowledgement of the use of more than one gas to be used on a dive (stage or separate bottle)

in the classroom session we will learn about the advantages and dangers of using more precise eanx mixtures for depths up to 140ft/42mt.  in addition, it gives the necessary information you would need to safely extend your personal limits as a diver.

in a controlled environment we learn skills for just about any problem that could arise.  in this we emphasise self rescue and team awareness (to asses and prevent potential problems before they happen).  we will also emphasize problem solving and stress management.  we practice placement and proper use of stage bottles as decompression gas.

in open water we practice problems as they would happen.  this gives you a good assessment of your personal limits in stress and proper skill development, as well as the use of lift bags and reels as assent aid for decompression.   in at least two open water dive we will plan and execute compression stops up to 15 minutes.